The Italian decree for safety and health of workers (D.Lgs. 81/08) and the entry into force of the new Directive on Machinery (2006/42/EC) dictate important changes in the scenario of workplaces and work tools.
EMitech Lab helps customers in the comprehension and respect of the responsibilities legal provisions lay down and suggests procedures, methods and actions to be carried out regularly during  retrofitting and compliance activities.
EMitech Lab offers his support to:
•    Identify dangers and assess risks (EN-ISO 14121-1)
•   Study and plan adjustment interventions  in case of noncompliances (of electrical, mechanical or documentary type)
•    Carry out adjustments interventions
•    Verify the intervention effectiveness

The aforesaid activities will provide the customer with all instruments necessary to update the risk assessment required by the decree D.Lgs 81/08 (articles 17 and 28).