MISYA (Microwave System Applications) technology represents an innovative application of microwaves, studied, planned and implemented by EMitech srl.
MISYA systems are placed on the international market, as high-tech devices that use the typical effects of rapid, selective and volumetric heating, induced by microwaves, for purposes of disinfestation, sterilization and drying, in fields like ART & RESTORATION, AGRIFOOD & ORGANIC, PACKAGING, ENVIRONMENT.

–    full effectiveness of disinfestations, with total mortality of pests in all life stages (included eggs)
–    treatment rapidity (a few minutes)
–    costs reduction with respect to conventional treatments
–    total absence of polluting effects for operators and for the environment
–    total protection of materials/products under treatment

All systems for the treatment of disinfestations and/or drying are composed of a shielded chamber where to place the material/product to be treated by microwaves.
Systems can be essentially of two types:
–    static for batch treatments
–    dynamic for continuous treatments
In both configurations, MISYA brings together the most advanced technologies enabling a complete automation in the logical progression of stages in the disinfestation process and a constant monitoring of all operations.