EMitech Lab is a laboratory of Building Automation and Industrial Automation since its staff is able to develop, by means of micro-controllers and controllers of prestigious brands like Siemens® and Saia-Burgess®, web-based automation software solutions for JAVA, upon specific requests, and to follow their development until installation and testing.

Disinfestation lines conceived and developed by EMitech are an example of industrial automation.

As regards home and building automation, the example of an on-going home automation installation will be shortly available online (DEMO access credentials will be provided upon request and by email). In this project it will be possible to manage from one control point, by means of browser and/or control panel, the following devices:
•    Control electric switchboard  for the HVAC system
•   Control electric switchboard  for external lighting and for the entry driveway and pedestrian gates
•    Management electric switchboard  of an artesian well
•    Management electric switchboard  of the garden irrigation system
•    Video surveillance system
•    electric switchboard  for control and measurement of a photovoltaic system of 9,8 kWp