Wood packaging materials, particularly pallets, which are in use in most of the international and intercontinental deliveries, could act as a pathway for the introduction and spread of noxious pests, representing a threat to living trees.

The international standard FAO-ISPM No. 15, which describes the officially approved  phytosanitary measures for pest control in wood packaging materials has been recently reviewed. Today it also includes the microwave pest-control method (Dielectric Heating – “DH”), proposed and submitted by EMitech.

MISYA Packaging is a phytosanitary treatment using microwaves that presents several advantages not only in terms of effectiveness and functionality, but  also of eco-compatibility. MISYA Packaging has a lower environmental impact than the methods currently in use like for example fumigation through methyl bromide (dangerous gas for the ozone layer depletion and for its high toxicity).