MISYA Packaging is the exclusive technology, patented by EMitech, for the phytosanitary treatment, through microwaves, of wood packaging material, in particular pallets.

MISYA Tunnel:
Microwave industrial device that enables the continuous disinfestation process of pallets while they pass on a roll conveyor.
This design solution can be installed at the end of the pallet production chain and immediately before the automatic stacking system. The machine consists in a tunnel-shaped modular structure,  composed of shielded and electrically connected elements assuring a totally shielded electromagnetic system. The tunnel is endowed with an internal conveyor system typically used in the in the pallet production lines; its size has been appropriately studied in order to optimize the electromagnetic reverberation process and to allow the treatment of standard pallets. If necessary the system can be provided with more lines in order to increase its flow rate and adapt to large-scale production needs (more than 360 pallets/hr). MISYA is also equipped, at the input and output, with opportune thermohygrometric control sensors in order to better calibrate the microwave thermal process, before and after irradiation.