EMitech’s privacy policy complies with the Italian Laws about the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data (privacy statement in accordance with art. 13 of the Italian Law Decree D. Lgs. 196/2003) in accordance with the European Recommendation No. 2/2001 to protect the on-line privacy of the website visitor.

Holder of data processing procedures:
in conformity with article 28 of the Privacy Code , the holder is EMitech srl, situated in Via A. Olivetti 28/A, (z.i.) – 70056 Molfetta (Bari) – Italy.

Responsible of data processing:
Ing. Antonio Diaferia manages the informative system of the company and works in the headquarters of the company.

Place of the data processing:
Personal data are processed in the headquarters of the company by the responsible and by other people in charge.

Purposes of data processing:
Data are processed in order to supply EMitech’s services.
No data are disclosed and widespread.

Data processing procedures:
Data are processed using electronic or automated systems for the necessary time to respond to the customer requests. These systems are provided with security measures to prevent data from being lost or illicitly used.

Law Decree D. Lgs. 196/2003
Art. 7 Right of access to personal data and other rights 

1.The subject is entitled to obtain confirmation as to whether personal data that concern him/her exist even when these data have not yet been recorded, and their communication in intelligible form.
2.The subject is entitled to obtain indications about:
a) the origin of personal data;
b) the purpose and method of data processing;
c) the applied logic if data are processed with the aid of electronic tools;
d) the identifying details of the holder, the persons in charge and the designated representative in the territory of the Italian State, where applicable;
e) the subjects, or categories of subjects to whom personal data may be communicated or who may become aware of them being designated representative in the territory of the Italian State, responsible or person in charge.
3. The subject is entitled to:
a) have his/her personal data updated, corrected or integrated if necessary;
b) have his/her personal data cancelled, converted into an anonymous form or blocked if processed in breach of the law, thereby including the data which do not need to be kept for the purposes for which they had been collected or successively processed;
c) obtain a statement confirming that the people to whom data are communicated or disclosed are aware of the operations described under the previous letters a) and b)
except when such action is impossible or involves a use of means that is clearly disproportionate to the safeguarded right.
4. The subject is entitled to fully or partly oppose him/herself:
a) for legitimate reasons, to having his/her personal data processed, even when such data are pertinent to the purpose for which they were collected;
b) to having his/her personal data processed for the purpose of receiving advertising material or for direct sales or for market research purposes or business communications.

If you need further information about privacy please contact our company – phone: 080. 99.00.295 fax: e-mail: emitech@emitech.it