Structures and objects made of woodpaper and cloth, over time, are subject to the attack of biodeterioring organisms and microrganisms (woodworms, fungi, moulds, mites etc.). In case of structural parts of buildings and objects of any artistic and historical interest, a timely and effective pest-control intervention is needed by means of valid disinfestations systems which can precede the restoration phase.

Disinfestations techniques used currently (fumigation, anoxy, use of organic solvent preservatives) imply several limits in terms of efficacy, treatment times, risks of environmental pollution and damages to materials under treatment.

MISYA Art is the exclusive technology, patented by EMitech, for disinfestations by microwaves. MISYA effectively eliminates all infesting organisms through the heat effects of microwaves that allow to reach and exceed rapidly temperature levels lethal to pests.

The system is used to disinfest:

•    Wood:  – fixed structures (parquets, ceilings, church furnishings, etc.)
– objects (antique furniture, frames, icons, etc.)
•    Paper: books, archives, etc.
•    Cloth: carpets, tapestries, paintings, etc.