EMI/RFI shielding is notoriously necessary for protection of information and of equipment with susceptibility to radiofrequency electromagnetic interference. In particular electromagnetic field shielding is needed when it is necessary to:
1)    Reduce the level of electromagnetic fields generated by electric and electronic devices below the safety limits indicated by the law (for example shielding of electric units and MV/LV transformer stations, shielding in radiology departments, MRI shielding);
2)    Ensure the integrity and the continuous and correct working of electrical devices, which are more and more sensitive to damages deriving from electromagnetic external sources and undesired path for electric current (electromagnetic -EM- shielding for the electro magnetic pulse -EMP– protection within NATO, EMI shielding);
3)    Protect sensitive data transferred by the electromagnetic field, avoiding that electromagnetic signals generated by electronic equipment, into a building, are radiated or conducted outside beyond the controlled area and are tapped and decoded (for example TEMPEST shielding in the military context).

EMitech designs and builds:
•     EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) shielded facilities, within NATO, to prevent electromagnetic impulse from damaging electronic instruments;
•    Shielding of briefing rooms for protection against leaks and of rooms for code data  transmission-reception in the civil and military sectors;
•    Shielding of MR-tomographs from external interferences which could provoke a quality decrease of diagnostic imaging;
•    Shielding of laboratories containing electronic instruments with interference susceptibility;
•    Shielding in hospitals, of radiology departments, to make EM exposure levels compliant with laws in places where people stay for long time;
•    Shielding of electric units and MV/LV transformer stations to reduce the level of electromagnetic fields below safety limits indicated by the law.


A shielded room is a volume electrically closed by conducting material forming a Faraday Cage; it constitutes a  barrier for field transmission from outside to inside and vice versa. The most important and critical elements which determine the effectiveness of a shielded room are the shielded door, the shielded inspection window, air flow electromagnetic filters, waveguides (for the passage of fiber optics, water pipes etc.), filters for power input and passage of signal cables.

Structures built by EMitech are composed of rigid and self-bearing panels, with assembling flexibility characterized by two shielded surfaces in copper and aluminium, or prepainted and zinced steel, insulating material (panel thickness 30 mm) and welded elements coupling. These features make shielded facilities planned and built by EMitech:
•    Adaptable (in situ) to any building configuration
•    Self-bearing
•    Insulating
•    Corrosion-proof
•    Mechanical expansion resistant
•    Oxidation-proof
•    Long lasting shielding effectiveness with rf ≥ 100 dB attenuation in the frequency range 9 kHz÷1 GHz
•    Compliant with standard IEEE-STD 299
•    Electrically insulated

The door design is studied to meet all operational needs without causing structural deformations. The particular “finger stock” gasket, along the whole door perimeter, ensures a high shielding efficiency and a suitable protection against tampering and accidental failure. Upon request the door can be provided with electro-pneumatic closing and electromagnetic locks.
Shielded facilities are endowed with electric filters, air-flow filters, waveguides, electric and lighting systems, finishing.
Other accessories and components are also available to completion of the shield such as CCTV systems, interphone systems, LED lighting systems.