Food crops are subject to the attack of biological organisms which affecting their shelf life and healthiness, provoke depreciation of entire lots of products. In the most serious cases, losses can reach up to 35-40% of the harvest.

In the control of food insects and mites, fumigants and insecticides are often used. These chemical substances have a high cost of treatment and additionally imply serious disadvantages related to the possible persistence of toxic residues in treated products.

represents the effective and sustainable solution in terms of costs and environment, for the microwave pest-control of agri-food products in the post-harvest phase. The use of this technology allows to disinfest (before the storage phase) all products of plant origin, intended for human and animal nutrition, by means of a physical method which does not modify the processes of the whole chain of organic farming techniques, from field to table.
MISYA effectively eliminates all infesting organisms through the heat effects of microwaves that allow to reach and exceed rapidly temperature levels lethal to pests.
This technology, which can also be used for desiccation purposes, through adoption of particular treatment schedules, refers to the following commodities:

•    Legumes
•    Cereals (rice included)
•    Seeds (pine-nuts)
•    Dry Fruits

Scientific results derived from laboratory tests, carried out in cooperation with the main national research centers in the agri-food industry, and microwave technology practical applications in industrial processes have shown that food treated by microwaves for the purpose of disinfestation/drying, does not show significant alterations in physical, organoleptic and nutritional properties.